88 Years of Combined Trading Experience

Trading Educators Team

Quanzhong Li
Manager of Trading Educators in all Chinese speaking Countries

Quanzhong Li is our manager of Trading Educators in all Chinese speaking countries: China (Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan), Singapore, and Malaysia. When Mr. Li first read Joe Ross’ books, he valued the truth and quality of the trading lessons in them, something he had not found elsewhere.  Although he was already a successful trader, he came to America to be individually tutored by Joe. He then developed a profitable way to adapt Joe’s methods to the Chinese markets.

In 2007 he began to translate Joe’s books and seminars into Mandarin, the first person to introduce them to non-English-speaking Chinese traders. From his studies and his own successful experiences, Mr. Li also teaches seminars and privately tutors traders on how to trade according to Joe’s methods. What he tries to teach students is not only how to make money, but also how to become a successful trader.


Loretta R.

Loretta is known as “SC” in Joe’s book, "Trading Is a Business."  She is Joe’s wife of over 50 years, and is editor-in-chief of everything that comes across her desk.  Trading Educators wouldn't be where it is today without her.


Denise R.
Director of Sales & Customer Service

Denise is Joe's and Loretta's daughter-in-law, and owns Ross Trading Inc. and is Co-Owner of Trading Educators, Inc.  Denise is often the first point of contact for service, problem resolution, and orders.  When you need great service, Denise is your go to person.


Martha R-E
Director of Marketing

Martha is Joe's and Loretta's daughter, and is Co-Owner of Trading Educators, Inc.  She handles the website, marketing, social media, and provides support for our franchise partners.  Martha ensures that Trading Educators continues to be relevant in today's market place while maintaining the integrity on which the company was built.

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