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We are proud to tell you about our Ambush Trading Method™. This method is packed with potential for profit. Ambush has been proven successful through real trading.

When considering the Ambush Trading Method it is helpful to read what we have to say about trading methods in general. We suggest that after you read about the method itself, that you also read about the general Introduction to Trading Methods below.


General Introduction to Trading Methods


Ambush Trading Method™


Updated Performance Reports for the Ambush Trading Method


Ambush Trading Method™


ambush trading method


Ambush A Market of Your Choice

Joe Ross and Trading Educators are happy to release the Ambush Trading Method™ by which you can ambush many stock index futures, commodity futures, currency futures, forex pairs or ETFs. If you want, you can ambush more than one market daily.

Marco Mayer has come up with a way to FILTER OUT RISK while locking in a steady stream of profits for you.  If you have wanted a safe and easy way to trade, Marco's AMBUSH METHOD is for YOU. For more details, go to AMBUSH TRADING METHOD.


General Introduction to Trading Methods

Dear Trader,

We have noticed over the years, certain confusion in the minds of some traders who purchase a trading method. 

One source of confusion is in the form of a question: “On what is the success of the method based?” The answer is simple. Ambush is based on statistical probability. It is not based upon fundamentals and not based upon news. Ambush is not even based upon chart patterns. When prices present themselves in a certain way, the method works a certain percentage of the time, given tested parameters for its management.

What the above statement means is that, since Ambush has proven itself to work in sideways markets, you should not expect it to work if prices present themselves as trending. 

Since no method works all the time or in all markets, Ambush offers a trader the possibility of finding a market and time frame in which Ambush is working. The key to method trading is having the discipline to follow the method. 

Not long ago a trader with an account of over $10 million came to me for private tutoring. Naturally, I wanted to know why a trader with that size of an account needed me to tutor him. His answer was simple and direct: he wanted more methods. This particular trader made his fortune by trading methods. He traded at least 15 methods that he used regularly, depending on which ones were working at the time. During the time he was with me, he traded every day and did very well. As I recall, he traded four methods that were working, but received entry signals from only two of them each day he was here. This was a man who understood method trading. His trading of any method was only when the method remained above a moving average of its own equity line. Methods blow hot and cold; it is simply the nature of methods.

How does a method differ from a system? The difference is that methods can encompass one or more systems, but a system can never encompass a method. At Trading Educators we offer Ambush with full disclosure. We never ask anyone to purchase a black-box system.

Full disclosure means that the trader is free to alter the parameters. This has been done by many of the people who have purchased our method. 

It takes a certain type of personality to trade a method. If you do not trust them, then method trading is not for you. If you do not trust them but are sufficiently creative to play with the parameters to turn the method into a winner when, in the shorter term, the method is dormant, then method trading may very well be “your cup of tea.” However, rather than tweak the parameters, we suggest you simply look for a market that is moving sideways or is in a slowly stair-stepping trend — that’s where Ambush will work.

Finally, if you are patient and willing to give Ambush a chance to work, and are careful to constantly check that the method and current market conditions are compatible (by live trading only when you are above the MA of your equity curve), then trading Ambush is for you, and you will find that trading a method may make you far more money than you’ve been making struggling to find “something” that works in the market.

To my way of thinking, it is not how often you win that really counts. A high-winning percentage does not mean you are making money. I think the most important statistic is the Profit Factor ($Wins/$Losses). If you are making a lot more in dollars than you are losing in dollars, it doesn’t matter if the method has a high or low winning percentage. It is easy to fool yourself that you are getting a lot of winners. But if those winners are not making substantially more than the losers drain, you are doing nothing more than generating commissions for the broker.

All the best with our methods,

Joe Ross