By Andy Jordan on Thursday, 06 October 2016
Category: Trading General

A typical Traders Notebook Outright Swing Trade

Today I want to show you a trade we had the other day with our new service. As you can see below, we were looking for a few entries in several markets.

We were filled in the long Soybean Meal trade at 301.5 with an initial stop at 299.0 (the risk was $250 per contract traded). During the overnight session the market moved a bit, but everything was very quiet. At the open of the day session the market moved strongly lower but we were happy of not getting stopped out of the trade. Only ½ hour later the market was back up to our entry level and it climbed higher all day long. We took firsts profit at 304.0, then at 306.4 and finally at 308.3 as you can see on the daily chart below.

If you are interested into outright futures short term swing trading, you should have a look into our new service Traders Notebook Outrights.

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