By Andy Jordan on Thursday, 12 January 2017
Category: Trading General

Do Something Else!

You need to find other things to do while padding the time waiting for better trades. Try to study the markets or different ways of trading, or simply do something completely different like going to the beach. It is critical that you learn to enjoy yourself in ways other than being in a trade.

The fact is, if you are trading in a professional way, you are out of the market much of time. So you need to think of ways to fill this time. Trading is not a full-time job where a person works 8 hours a day. Also, trading doesn't get better by trading more. The opposite is often the case.

When you are not satisfied with your trading, try to reduce the number of trades instead of putting on more trades. This might help to move your trading to a higher level and you might get better results.

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