By Andy Jordan on Wednesday, 15 June 2016
Category: Trading General

Ego-less Trading

The majority of traders might think it would be impossible to trade in an "ego-less state", but this is not the case. To trade in an ego-less state means simply to not let the ego and emotions get involved. While trading in an ego-less state, winning or losing on a single trade become almost meaningless when the focus lies only on the whole picture.

This is the soul of ego-less trading. Trading without doing so in an ego-centric way requires a mechanical, almost robotic response to situations.

Get no joy, except a superficial joy, out of winning. Get no sadness, except a superficial sadness, out of losing. Get to the point where it must almost be an act on your part to be joyful or to be sad - and not the opposite, as it is with most traders.

Always remember that your joy and sadness come from and with the most meaningful aspects of your life - family, friends, acts of giving and loving and creating. Not trading.

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