By Marco Mayer on Saturday, 23 April 2016
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Genesis Trade Navigator FX Data issues and how to fix them

Since many of you are using Genesis Trade Navigator, I thought this might be of interest. I personally use TN mostly for Futures Data, and only sometimes for Forex data - when I just need a quick daily chart for example where I don't mind about a few pips difference. But I don't use their spot Forex Data for backtests.

Last week Genesis changed the daily closing time of their FX data to 17:00 NYT, which is the standard in Forex - a good decision. But afterwards I noticed many gaps in the charts and found out that there's hours of intraday-data missing on many days. Others reported issues that any data before 2008 was missing. This has been fixed a few days later, but looking a bit more carefully at the data I found out that the daily close would sometimes actually not be at 17:00 NYT.

Yesterday they emailed me back that they fixed the issue and so far things are looking good! Here's the instructions I got from their support team on how to fix the problems: TN-FX-Fix.pdf

You need to download all of the data-sets again which will take some time (for me this meant downloading about 40 GB which took about 2 hours), so it's a good idea to do this during the weekend.

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