By Andy Jordan on Tuesday, 02 May 2017
Category: Trading General

Kramer (from the Seinfeld show) on the Swiss Franc

Hello, Kramer? You got a minute? Take a look at the Swiss Franc chart ­ what do you think?”


Well, I’ll tell you what I think! If the market is not going up, then it ought to be going down. But, if it’s not going down or up, it must be going sideways ­ unless, of course, it’s making a correction. But, if it’s not making a correction, maybe this is a small congestion, unless, of course, it’s a Trading Range. On the other hand if it’s not a trading range, maybe it’s an Elliot wave. And if it’s an Elliot wave, it could be a breakout wave, or maybe it’s just an a-b-c correcting wave, in which case, it might result in a Fibonacci correction. However, if it’s not a Fibonacci correction, it could be it’s a retracement to a Gann line, unless it’s correcting to a speed line. Now, if it’s a speed line, then maybe, just maybe, it’s the bottom of what will be a channel, unless of course it’s not really a channel line but instead its a channel defined by a Bollinger Band; in which case I’m going long, unless, of course, I go short because of Andrew’s pitchfork.”


Is this how you reason when you trade? Shame on you!


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