By Marco Mayer on Wednesday, 29 June 2016
Category: Trading General


And a few days after the surprise from UK (sorry to see you guys leave!) the markets seem to calm down a bit already which is nice. But I expect to see a few more crazy days and regarding the FX markets it’s all one big Risk ON/OFF scheme right now, driving up correlations between the pairs.

Now I keep on getting emails asking when the Free Trial for AlgoStrats:FX will start but I won’t rush it as I’d prefer a rather smooth start in normal market conditions. So right now I’m planning to start in about two weeks as long as things don’t get too crazy out there! If you want to get an email as soon as you can sign up to the Free Trial, simply goto and sign up.

Till then there’s two new videos for you to check out on YouTube:

Keep it Simple, but not too Simple!


Q&A Episode 4


Happy Trading!


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