By Andy Jordan on Tuesday, 27 June 2017
Category: Trading General

Some things that keep traders from “making it”

Three psychological traits prevent traders from becoming consistently successful, fear, anger and guilt. Fear blocks the trade decision making process due to worry about negative events that may or may not occur in the future. Guilt blocks the trade decision making process with unresolved concern about something that happened in the past. Anger is an emotional response to guilt, fear, the indecision caused by them, or a perceived negative experience. Guilt and fear are locked in a never ending cycle and can only be broken by self-forgiveness, consistent decisive trading actions based on a winning strategy, and adopting a positive attitude with resolution to learn from mistakes.

 A winner has the ability to find positive values from the most negative circumstances. This is the first reason why only emotionally healthy people can assume risks, they are able to rise above the superficial negative circumstances, discover trading opportunities and take decisive trading actions based on the current market conditions. Most amateur traders are so shell-shocked over a loss they can not reverse their positions. The professional traders do not emotionally react, they intellectually act based on what the market is telling them to do.

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