By Andy Jordan on Saturday, 17 February 2018
Category: Trading General

Stress or just Excitement?

There is a tendency to become overemotional when trading. Overcoming the propensity to play emotionally requires a conscious commitment to specific trading objectives. This entails choosing a target, developing a strategy, and finding a method for adhering to it. A goal enables you to keep a relatively even keel through good and bad periods, to sustain momentum, and to keep from becoming bored.

Of course, most traders enjoy the process of building up profits, the satisfaction of adept trading, or simply outwitting the crowd. But it is not just the outcome that is important, it is also the process. The tension that accompanies being in the market is an integral part of the overall experience. For profit without risk or loss without care drains much of the pleasure out of the trading process.

Can it hurt your health? I really can't say. The wrong kind of stress is known to be harmful to your health, but some stress is what makes you perform at your best.

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