By Andy Jordan on Thursday, 09 June 2016
Category: Trading General

The Best Trader in the World

If you had to describe the best trader in the world, who would that person be? What qualities would he have? Take a moment to envision him. This is important, because this is the person you want to be, so you need to have an exact picture of him and what his qualities are.

The answer is that he is someone whose trading is somehow “complete”. Someone who is controlling his trading at all times; someone who trades aggressively on winning trades, and gets out of losing trades quickly; someone with a comfortable sized trading account, who is unconcerned about calling a trade; someone who has a precise trading plan and is willing to stick to the plan at all times; someone who is calm, good-natured, and trades equally well during even the toughest times.

Visualize this trader. Then try to be this trader. Work on making your trading complete in this way, in order to become the best trader in the world.

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