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What's Included in Daily Guidance with Instant Income Guaranteed



Joe Ross Wants You to Learn the Easiest and Safest Way to Trade

Why can't imagine yourself receiving a daily recommended trade service with no losses? 
We can!

This service includes a daily 80+ page report along with a weekly podcast!

We review and supply the following:

  • Our daily fills (entries, exits)
  • Full real-time statistics of our weekly trades, closed trades for the current month, monthly statistics (detail and summary) since the beginning of IIG
  • Daily market commentary (indices/sectors, volatility indices, main commodities related to our trade)
  • New trades for the following day
  • Comments on our open trades, with all relevant news
  • Updated earnings dates for our open positions
  • Full details (days in trade, days to expiration, underlying close and price change, etc.) on our open trades (classic trades, complex positions, remaining rolled trades and covered calls)
  • Active good till cancelled orders
  • Dividends for the stocks owned

We also supply quite a number of extra "slides" in the appendix which are quite useful for new subscribers: recommendations, answers and explanations on the most frequent questions, techniques for entering trades, historical trades and real life examples, broker information, and much more!



Instant Income Guaranteed

Includes 2-Months of Daily Guidance!


Here’s our offer:

  • You will view a special two-part online webinar.  In Part I, Joe Ross discusses the strategy - it takes less than an hour. If you have already been exposed to the Money Master™ Strategies shown in my EBook, you will still discover some new information.
  • In Part II, you will view a workshop by Joe Ross, who walks you through various trades and scenarios that could happen. The workshop is also very brief, less than a couple of hours. The purpose of the workshop is to prepare you for the actual trading, which can begin as soon as you feel ready. During the two months’ guidance period, you can take real trades, or trade on a simulator, until you feel comfortable with the technique. You will learn how to handle many situations not taught in the webinar or workshop as they arise. The important thing is for you to not make trades until you thoroughly learn the techniques.
  • The strategy webinar and the workshop are recorded, and are available online for you to access anytime you decide that you want to view them again.
  • Each day, Philippe Gautier, our chief Instant Income trader, who has mentored with Joe for over seven years, will send out a PDF and once a week as needed, make a recording prior to the market opening to explain any new trades and to discuss any open trades. He will be available for questions via email every day, and will discuss both questions and answers in the recorded message. In tight situations, or when changes need to be made, he will also send out timely emails instructing as to what action to take. No matter where you live, you will have access to the recording before the market opens.
  • You will receive guidance day-by-day for two months from the time you begin taking the course. We will present suggested trades for your consideration. During that two-month period, we guarantee that you will not lose any money trading as long as you take only the trades we offer for your consideration, and manage them according to our instructions. You do not have to take any of the trades if you don’t want them. To be able to take every trade under consideration would require a large account. However, you can still learn the techniques even with a small account. During the two months of training, you will begin to understand that even with a small account you can fairly quickly begin to compound your money. Everything you need to know will be revealed in the presentations and during the two months’ guidance period.
  • Trades offered for your consideration will range from around $20 to around $100, sometimes a bit more per share.  There is no way to know in advance how many trades will be available at each price, but based on our own trading, it is possible to create one or more new positions almost every day, provided you have sufficient funds. These trades are not rare. Keep in mind that what is important is not how many trades are made, or if you take even a single trade. The important thing is that you learn the techniques and the management during the two months' guidance period.
  • Most brokers require a margin of 20% of the cost needed to buy one hundred shares per option sold. One broker we know requires margin of only 15% on accounts over $100,000.
  • You will learn how to select the right stocks for uncovered option selling.
  • You will learn how to manage the trade.
  • You will learn how to compute returns on both margin and principal, and how to annualize your returns.
  • Most trades will last as long as six weeks, often less.  Others will last two months or more. During the two months of day-by-day guidance, you will see why we sell the options we do, and you will realize that if handled properly, you will probably never have to buy shares of the stocks for which you have sold uncovered options. One objective of the strategy is to never have to buy the shares.
  • Many other details will be covered during the webinar and workshop, and many additional details will be covered during the two months’ guidance period.
  • With the strategy you will learn, you can be as active as you want and as your money holds out. You can quickly compound your money trading every day, should you so choose.
  • At the end of two monthssome of our customers prefer to continue receiving their daily trades rather than venture out on their own.  This service is called Continued Daily Guidance (CDG) and is available to you for $99 per month or select our super savers discount at a low annual price of $600 ($50 per month).
  • You will be required to submit a signed non-disclosure agreement*.
  • You must agree to send us a testimonial as to your trading results. That should be easy for the winning trader we expect you to become.
  • As you see and learn the strategy, you will begin to understand why you never have to buy shares or take a loss. Going back over our own trades for the past five-plus years, we can see that although in the past we had to cover at times, if we had traded the way you will learn to trade, having to cover would never have happened. If you never have to cover, you can never lose money on any stock in the world.

IMPORTANT!  If you intend to participate in the program using an IRA or any controlled pension plan, there are two things you need to know:

  • You may be required to put up full margin on all transactions.  However, don't worry about that, because even with putting up full margin, the strategy makes much more money than you can get from your bank, a money-market mutual fund, or from government bonds and notes.
  • You may have to receive permission from your broker to make the transactions from an IRA account.  Some have told us they are able to trade the strategy from their IRA account.

The cost for the entire package, including the money-back guarantee, the webinar and workshop, along with the two months of training, is $2,900.

The guarantee is this: If at the end of the two months of training, if you have lost more money than you have made from taking the suggested trades managed the way we will show, you will receive a full refund of your webinar fee.




Instant Income Guaranteed

Includes 2-Months of Daily Guidance!


  • Special Webinar and Workshop

  • Two Months of Daily Guidance

  • Guarantee

  • Viewable on Windows and Mac
    This webinar is not supported by the following systems:
    Windows XP, Mac OS 10.6 and Windows Server 2003

Continuing Daily Guidance for those who have completed the webinar and workshop.

At the end of two months, some of our customers prefer to continue receiving their daily trades rather than venture out on their own.  This service is called Continued Daily Guidance (CDG). CDG is available to you for $99 per month or select our super savers discount at a low annual price of $600 ($50 per month).

*IMPORTANT: After we manually verify your order, you will be sent an e-mail containing a Non Disclosure Agreement that you will need to sign and return to us.  After we have received the signed Non Disclosure Agreement, you will receive a second email with access information. The initial email with the Non Disclosure Agreement will be sent within 24-hours during our regular business hours.  If you have not received the Non Discloure Agreement by that time, please contact us via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone:  +1-512-249-6930 (Ross Trading), so we can resend it to you.  Please check your junk/spam folder before you contact us.


Additional Info

  • Time: Short Term Trading, Long Term Trading
  • Market: ETFs/Stock

Derivative transactions, including futures, are complex and carry a high degree of risk. They are intended for sophisticated investors and are not suitable for everyone. There are numerous other factors related to the markets in general or to the implementation of any specific trading program which cannot be fully accounted for in the preparation of hypothetical performance results, and all of which can adversely affect actual trading results. For more information, see the Risk Disclosure Statement for Futures and Options.