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Day trading the E-mini can be a full-time career for any trader; if you are going to day trade, you may need nothing more than the E-mini. In this book I show you a better, most sensible approach to day trading the E-mini, based on my own trading experience. -- Joe Ross

Message from Joe Ross:

The E-mini has become the premier market for day trading by retail traders. Day trading the E-mini can be a full-time career for any trader. Let me teach you what I teach most of my students, especially those who attend my seminars or come for private tutoring. Most of the students who have learned my techniques and methods for day trading the E-mini S&P 500 futures have become profitable E-mini day traders.

For the most part, all you need is a set of charts. These days I use no technical studies for trading this market. By the third or fourth bar inclusive of and following the opening, you can sit back to enjoy the fantastic trading patterns made by the E-mini as it marches towards its session close. I reveal these secrets in the e-book.

Day Trading the E-Mini S&P 500 - Table of Contents

Some Day Trading the E-Mini S&P 500 highlights and what you will learn:

Preparation – the key to your success

Just how do you prepare each day to day trade the E-mini? What steps do you take to get ready for when the market opens? What are the early considerations and what should you be looking for?

There is a process of making morning observations on different timeframe charts. I’ve included many charts to show you exactly what I look at, and how I make all the preparation. Then I show you how to put yourself in the “market movers’” place and to start thinking like they do when they are in the markets.

The most amazing thing is that you will be able to read and “see” through the charts, and answer for yourself the most important questions of all - “What are the big guys going to do? Where are they going to move prices?” After answering these questions, all you need is to have healthy expectations and sound trade management.

Expectations – your right mindset is crucial

I dedicated this e-book to traders who like to day trade the E-mini S&P 500, but I start it with a word of caution: I’ve seen too many otherwise good traders destroyed by trading the five-minute chart in S&P mini. Getting into the mini is like stepping into the ring with a rattlesnake: you can be bitten quickly, and when you least expect it.

You will learn to understand what is going on in the markets. As a small trader, you will know when the large traders move prices and how to take advantage of their move. You will know when to stay away and when to trade. You will learn to form healthy expectations from each day and each situation. I teach you these aspects by showing lots of charts.

Chart reading, trade selection, and trade management

Just look at the charts below: why did someone get long as shown? The reality is that during the intraday session, the price movement has nothing to do with the laws of supply and demand. There are completely other reasons why prices move as you see in the charts below, and you are going to find out exactly what they are.

I give you several examples so that you realize that trading with the short term charts also requires making decisions quickly.  You’ll have plenty of examples of preparation for the trading session, entry signals, and trade management.  You’ll also learn why you don’t have to trade too often and too much, especially when trading the E-mini. 

People talk all the time about money management, but is that the only kind of management involved in trading the E-mini? Definitely not, which is why I will show you precisely how to micro-manage your E-mini trades: how to set objectives and how to set your protective stops, including how to know when you should exit immediately. You’ll also discover why trade selection is in large part responsible for success in trading the E-mini.

Timing is everything: the morning and the rest of the day

You will learn when you should trade the E-mini in the morning, and when you should come back to trade in the afternoon. Just ask yourself “How do I measure the morning range? And once the morning trading is over, what about the rest of the day? What do I do when markets become slow? Really, what are the best hours to trade the E-Mini?”

What about the reality of electronic trading that offers you fills in a matter of split seconds? Are you aware that no matter how fast you receive your fills, there are traders who are being filled 1,000 or more times faster than you are? Does it make a difference to your trading? You will find all these questions answered, and the answers will greatly benefit your trading.

Trading without indicators

Do you need indicators to trade the way I do? You don't see any indicators on the chart below, do you? You will see exactly how I trade without them. When you understand how I trade, you may never need or want them again.


Joe, I'm very glad that you spent the time to write a new actualized book on how to day trade the E-mini. It reveals new insights on how to analyze that market and especially important on how to manage the trade properly. In my opinion it's a very helpful supplement to your hardbound Day trading Book you wrote some years ago. I red all your books you wrote in the past regarding trading Futures and I never regretted it. In fact I learned so much from it I'd never had learned anywhere else. So your E-book is no exception - great insights and extremely useful for becoming a successful trader. That e-book isn't for the shelve but really for the daily use on my trading desk!”
-- Stefan N., Germany

Joe's approach is simple, straightforward and, most of all, it works. I've taken the same approach and applied it to forex and it works! I've purchased all of Joe's trading books and have never regretted a single purchase.” -- Chris H., Japan

It’s good solid information...just as you would expect from Joe.”
-- Alan B., France

Just fabulous! Thank you so much Joe. After 3 yrs of trading, I'm finally coming out of the wilderness. I now understand exactly where I was going wrong. SO simple, but yet so difficult to see without Joe's help.”
-- Eloise G., Australia

Make what you learn in the “Day Trading the E-Mini S&P 500” your own!

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“I am always interested in the methods of individuals who have traded man years. The e-book was another reminder of how simple strategies often prove to be the most successful.”
-- Gary W., U.S.A.

“Trading the S&P 500 e-book has given me a probability map of sorts. It helps me determine short term direction and combined with the TTE it has been pretty successful so far. Will let you know for sure after 200 - 300 trades.” -- Ward K., U.S.A.

“Joe explains the forces behind intraday price movements, the stop running by the insider. Joe’s explanation is confirmed every day in the market making his e-book tremendous valuable for day trading. The price of about $127 means this is a real present of Joe. Of course, Joe’s books or articles provide a lot of related hints but I have not found such a comprehensive statement to this topic before. I’m really thankful for this present – thanks a lot, Joe!”
-- Thomas Q., Germany

“Joe, The information in your E-mini S&P 500 is just what I have been looking for. Once you know how the inner workings work then you can start to understand what is actually taking place as it's happening. I would recommend anyone trading the E-mini S&P 500 to purchase a copy of Joe's e-book. The way you have delivered the information is second to none. Keep up the Great Work. Thanks. ”
-- G. Sawford Australia.

“Good read, like all of Joe's other books. Joe's Trademark, he delivers what he promises”
-- Shahid A., Canada

“Joe is one of the best traders willing to share his vast experiences with the public. His deep understanding of the reasons for the markets moves, his intuition, compressed into the not so many pages, richly illustrated with numerous real-life charts, his logical reasoning, all make this book into a treasure. As an Academician A.N. Kilmogorov once said, the more compressed the info, the more value per character it contains....And of course this value per character is readily applicable to the other markets (like oil markets for example that I trade). Thank Joe!.” -- Victor R., U.S.A.

“The morning considerations and the stop running was an eye opener for me.” -- P. Dirksen, Netherlands

“For me it is always very exiting learning from Joe Ross!”  -- D. Scholz, Germany

“Very good it gave me a lot of information on how the insiders manipulate the market and how to catch the trend before the public.”  -- Michael C., USA

"I am very grateful that I purchased Mr. Ross's book on day trading. It was a I eye opener to me in how to look at the daily action in the S&P e-mini contract. I position trade and this will give me a better way to enter and add to my positions for my system. In the past I was taking to much risk by entering a position at the end of the day where if I could have entered earlier there would have been better money management. Thank you for a great way to look at day trading." -- Patrick Bayes, USA

“I thoroughly enjoyed the book and finished it within the first few days of purchase. The information about the insider was an eye opener." -- C. Croeser, South Africa

"The key information in Joe's Day Trading the E-mini S&P e-book is the concept of running the stops. This has given me an entirely new perspective on day trading all of the e-mini index futures.” -- Richard Hale, USA

"Full Advise with great emphasis on market dynamics an essential ingredient to trading success.” -- J. Torrelles, Spain

"I purchased Joes books and seminars which was eye opening. The e-mini S&P 500 e-book is, too. At the moment I do not trade actively, mostly I learn and paper trade. Right now I’m studying this book over and over again, because I find it is a very good extension and explanation to Your Day Trading book and seminar. So far I mostly traded grains and soft markets. I’m looking if the same concept works in these markets as well.”   -- H. Wladyslaw, Canada

“Joe's E-mini e-book is a great addition to my trading toolbox. As with all of Joe's work it is honest, informative, and very helpful. Thanks Joe.” -- O. Braden, USA

“It is just impressive. I'm on my fifth or sixth reading and every time I go over it I find some that I missed in the previous lectures. Actually I'm studying it. If it comes from Trading Educators, it is true and good.”   -- J.T. Moreno, USA

“Joe, your e-book "Day Trading the E-mini S&P" was just as expected. Fantastic! Your book has given me a better understanding of what the markets are doing throughout the day and why. Thank you for all that you do." -- Shane K., USA  

“Profoundly simple and elegant. To consider, and now begin to, "look for the Orders" was the most valuable "tool", "trick", "technique" I have come across in 5.5 yrs of reading, trading, and researching. Additionally, Joe's experienced "tips" such as: if daily price action is sideways, or if Trending Up or if Down, then "Market Makers" (the big guns) are likely to..... These insights and observations are invaluable to me. Thank you JOE! Now, in honesty, I am still (after several weeks) learning to "apply" these insights and "see" how Joe sees. I am patient with this, and grateful for these insights.”    -- John A. Gattey, USA

“Probably one of Mr. Ross' best books.” -- K. Carr, USA

“The book brings quite a lot of insight on day trading. Of paramount importance is the idea on adequate planning and preparation before executing trades. Ideas on setting objectives and actions of market makers are great. It’s very useful as it complements my day trading style. I am a student of Joe's. Also I know his worth and appreciate his wisdom and experience.”    -- A. Adere, Tanzania

“Very easy to understand and apply - with practice it becomes second nature - and brings to light why the e-mini behaves the way it does.”   -- Z. Manzoor, UK

“I will never look at a chart the same way again. No convincing to buy this e-book was necessary. I will buy any book Joe writes about day trading. Also his book “Trading By The Minute” is the best book ever written about day trading.”  -- David Bonni, USA

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