By Andy Jordan on Monday, 11 April 2016
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Recommended time frames

Today, I've received the following question:

I assume the Ross Hook (RH) and Traders Trick Entry (TTE) are applicable in whatever time frame the trader uses. However, there are some time frames that are simply too erratic or wild to trade. And pertaining to stop running, there must be some that are favorites of those attempting to do so. So is there a recommended time interval from which to trade, or is it based on trader preference and risk?

Answer: Longer time frames are usually “more reliable” than the smaller ones. As you write above, the smaller time frames (minute bars for example) are often too erratic. But the problem is, as soon as the time frame gets up, also the risk is getting up. Therefore, it is very much up to each trader to find out about the correct time frame he or she wants to trade.

Finding out what fits the traders' personality and preferences is essential for successful trading!

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