By Andy Jordan on Tuesday, 08 March 2016
Category: Trading General

Sometimes others get to play and you don’t.

Sometimes in softball games, as a kid, they handed out the bats and balls and gloves, and there weren’t enough to go around – so you had to sit it out. You had to sit on the bench and watch.

The same thing happens in trading. Sometimes you don’t get to participate.

You must get used to the idea that sometimes you will sit in front of your charts for days or weeks, and nothing at all will happen. Others will have all the fun. There won’t be enough bats and balls to go around. You will simply be warming the bench – watching.

In trading you must be comfortable with this – welcome it. Make peace with this idea. Cross your arms and sit back. Wait for YOUR trades and setups, and don’t get irritated by other traders. You cannot be in every trade. If you don’t get your entry signal, there is nothing to feel sorry about if you miss a profitable trade. Sometimes it is just not your trade; others get to play and you do not!

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