The truth is the truth, and it does not change. If it did, it would no longer be truth. The truth is that all markets are a reflection of human emotions, and that market movers take advantage of traders’ reactions to the price movement. It is really no more complicated than that. My trading techniques and methods work, mainly for two reasons:

  1. I don’t make predictions. I make trading decisions based on The Law of Charts™.

Price forecasts in the trading and investment world rarely work. Nevertheless, a majority of traders base their decisions on such forecasts. My techniques are different. I don’t use forecasts and I don’t make predictions, but instead I look at charts and read what I see in front of my eyes.

I take a trade only when I “read” a high probability for prices to move. I use The Law of Charts formations and other chart setups that I have developed during more than five decades of trading. The result is that shortly after I enter a trade, the price moves to my first profit objective in 7 – 8 out of ten trades.

2. I know how to use what I call Market Dynamics™ to my advantage; that is, understanding WHO move prices, and WHERE, WHY, HOW, and HOW FAR prices move when they do so.

My quotes “Trade what you see, not what you think”, and “Get paid to trade” have become well known. My students trade profitably because they have learned what to see by really understanding the reasons behind price movement. My webinar lessons on Market Dynamics shows what market manipulation by insiders is all about.

The combination of the unique concepts of The Law of Charts™ and of Market Dynamics™ gives me incredible confidence to act, which is even more important than the trading technique itself. These two concepts are changing the paradigms about relative terms such as “failures,” “retracements,” “support,” or “resistance”. They actually change your trading life forever.


What you learn at this trading webinar will enable you to not only day trade any market in any time frame, but also to position trade, swing trade, intermediate-term trade, or long-term trade any market, anytime, anywhere in the world, as long as you have a source of data and a way to place orders.

I know that you are bombarded every day with proofs of unmatched trading performance of many self-called trading gurus. Please don’t get trapped into believing everything advertised, regardless of how tempting it may sound. Even if part of those affirmations were true, you still need to have your own trading skills and a certain mindset in order to trade the markets profitably in the long run.

Trading is a business. In this webinar, I teach you how to make sound trading decisions so that you run your trading life the way a successful businessman runs his own business. You will learn both outstanding trading techniques and how to develop the mindset of a successful trader. The right skills and the right mindset will reinforce each other, and will keep you growing in both areas of development into a successful trader. Their powerful combination will make you trade like a professional, with a rate of 70% - 80% winning trades.


The webinar’s objective is to direct you towards becoming a winning trader, regardless of what you trade, in any market, in any time frame, by teaching you:

  • the Market Dynamics concept of how to take advantage of the insiders’ actions
  • the 5 chart setups that can increase the rate of your winning trades to 70% - 80%
  • the Law of Charts™ and how to recognize the best chart formations
  • the steps of a complete trading plan, and the trade management rules
  • the key technical and psychological components of a defensive trading style
  • how to treat trading as a business that you manage properly and enjoy at the same time


Joe will teach you everything you need to know in order to succeed in trading, by sharing with you all his experience. Joe has been where you are now in your trading. He knows your pain. He understands your confusion. He has traded actively for more than fifty years.

Below are the most important Webinar modules:

  1. The Market Dynamics

In this module you discover how markets really work, and who is mainly responsible for moving prices. You will understand why supply and demand has actually such a little impact on price movement, especially in intraday trading. You will learn to discover where the orders are, and what that means to your trading. We will show you how to get an edge in the markets. You will be given examples of insider engineering and ways to recognize the moves by insiders.

It is an absolutely revelatory experience to see, proved on the chart, that the ones who manipulate the markets play their own game over and over again, trading session after trading session. Once you understand and are able to spot their actions, you are ready to reap the benefits and get your profits out of the markets.

By using Joe Ross’ techniques described in Market Dynamics, you will learn WHERE prices are most likely to move next. You will understand WHY prices move when they do so, and why supply and demand have almost nothing to do with these moves. You will find out WHO moves prices, and HOW FAR they are most likely to move them.

What you understand from this module is probably the single most important thing you will ever learn in trading. You will get the knowledge of your role in the market. You will understand why it is important to learn how to “swim along with the sharks” and get fed by doing so, instead of being eaten alive. We will demystify what they teach you at prestigious universities and finance schools about the market roles of “being efficient” and the concept of “price discovery”.

2. Five of the Joe Ross’ favorite setups

You will learn five chart setups that give you clear entry signals and make profits fast. Joe has developed these setups during his more than five decades of trading. By combining the knowledge of Market Dynamics and these powerful setups, you will be able to select some of the best setups that generate very high probability trades. Be prepared for a shock when you see the simplicity and effectiveness of these setups.

3. The Law of Charts™ and The Traders Trick Entry™

In this module, you will benefit from a review of the famous Law of Charts™ and the Traders Trick Entry™, presented in Joe's own unique way that will enable you to read a chart and recognize the best formations of The Law. This skill in itself will increase your chances of selecting very high probability trades.

Joe also teaches you how to take advantage of the Fibonacci, Gann, and Golden Ratio traders. You will be amused at how Joe does it, and you will see where the Fib traders make their biggest mistake. You will learn how to take advantage of momentum. In fact, you will learn that you shouldn’t trade unless you see the potential for momentum.

Joe also gives you his insights about so-called breakouts and retracements, and other concepts such as support and resistance, oversold and overbought. You will understand why these terms are just a matter of convenience on how you see and interpret them. They work only until they don’t work anymore, so you will learn how to avoid getting trapped by relying on them in your trading.

4. The step by step complete trading plan

You will learn how to design your own complete trading plan, the same way a businessman makes his own market research and writes a detailed business plan ahead of actually starting a business. All the details are established in advance in the trade planning phase, so that even before you enter a trade you will know what to do in any situation in which you find yourself during the trade.

You will learn how to determine which market to be in, in which time frame to trade, and how many contracts to trade, in accordance with your risk tolerance and your account size. Joe will teach you where to place your stop loss, where to set your profit objectives, and even how to determine at what time of the day you should be trading.

The consequence of having a trading plan is that you will know exactly what to do at any time during the trade, which gives you confidence to act and execute the plan. Confidence to act effortlessly and the results coming from flawless execution of the plan will reinforce each other. You will be able to trade any market in any time frame once you learn the truths Joe teaches: trade stocks, futures, options, or forex.

5. Trade management and general management techniques

You will learn to determine the best trade management method for your personality and style of trading. Trading has to become your own, within your own level of comfort. Joe will show you how to get there. You will learn to take only the trades “that have your name on them,” and feel that trading is an enjoyable endeavor.

Besides trade management, you will learn general management rules and procedures that you have probably never thought of applying to your trading. The personal management is the most important of all, but Joe will also take you through the other management areas, such as money management, risk management, and business management. 

6. A defensive trading style

Unless you are a financial force in the market, you must learn how to trade defensively. Joe teaches you exactly how to do that. You learn why it is necessary to trade defensively if you want be profitable in today’s markets. Joe shows you your internal and external enemies, as well as the mistakes you can make and how to avoid them.

Trading is a business, one in which different market participants have different roles. Joe provides you with real examples of market manipulations. You will understand your role, learn with whom you swim in the markets, and what your chances of survival are. You get to understand that your only chance of winning is to trade defensively by using a trading plan and flexible rules.


After the webinar you will greatly benefit from adapting your personal trading preferences and style to the realities of the markets you wish to trade. You will trade with knowledge of:

  • how to set realistic trading objectives based on market characteristics, regardless of news, opinions, “expert” analysis, market theories, or even your own strong human emotions like greed, hope, and fear

  • the insider knowledge of who move the prices, and where, why, how, and how long prices move when they do move, so that you can take advantage and trade profitably

  • how to identify markets, timeframes, and daytime periods when probabilities of trading profitably are favorable to trading; you will also know when the opposite is true, when you must stay away and not trade

  • how to establish a complete trading plan that includes planning, identifying powerful setups for entries, and trade management; you will also know how to apply combined techniques for risk management (stop loss placement) and exiting (profit objectives setting)

  • the most common traders’ mistakes and how to avoid them

The webinar will give you the realistic perspective of trading as a business. You will know what to do and what to expect so that you can have a long and successful trading career.


Many traders lose far more money in a few days than the price of this online webinar. When you trade using the techniques you will learn in this webinar, your losses will be considerably less, and your trading account will continue to grow as you apply what you learn.


The Price of this Online Webinar with Joe Ross is $2,500
It is a recorded class. Learn from him from anywhere in the world - his online webinar allows you to participate even if you are in your pajamas. You will have access for 30-days and can watch the webinar around the clock, at any time, at your convenience.



(REPEATING WEBINAR ATTENDEES: If you previously attended this Trading webinar in the U.S. or online, you are entitled to our lowest webinar rate for repeating students. Please e-mail us if you wish to repeat this webinar and we will send you the information to register.)


"Joe is extremely open and generous in sharing his vast trading experience and knowledge. His webinar outlines several practical and profitable market techniques that can be applied immediately. He provides an excellent insight of how and why markets operate and how to create an edge in your trading. This webinar definitely turns your trading around." -- George P., Australia

"When I attend one of Joe's seminars (I've attended his seminars before) I come away from it feeling that I've never been given this much knowledge and information from ALL the books on trading that I've ever read and that includes Gann, Schwager, Murphy, Angell, or any of the rest. The session on why markets move and where you can anticipate them to go I would not have figured that out in a hundred years, yet when Joe lays it out and explains the reasons, it is so easy to see and understand one has to wonder why this isn't common knowledge. After the session on trains with reversal bars and inside bars Joe walked us through a current crude oil chart applying that information and you can't not be amazed at how easy he makes it. I'm 67 years old and have read a lot of books on trading and the markets and the one thing cemented in my mind is Joe Ross is the best at teaching me that there ever was." -- Bert D., USA

"I am very happy that I have attended Joe´s Seminar. He took us to the core of what trading the markets is all about and what exactly we should do in order to successfully trade them. I look at charts with completely new eyes. Also, I am deeply moved from the very personal things he revealed to us in the chapter about spiritual trading. Thank you so much."
-- Matthias D., Germany

"The seminar gave me a better understanding of what moves the markets and esp. when NOT to trade. The importance of self control and managing your emotions will improve my trading." -- Marc d.M., Netherlands

"I have traded for a number of years, and keeping retaking the seminar. I don't know of anything better." -- Tom D., USA

"The seminar was excellent! I liked the simplicity of the trade approach that Joe demonstrated. The highlight of the seminar (for me) was Joe showing us how HE trades current markets. No BS, no "potential" gains, no. What he showed were several simple setups and business rules he uses for his trades. He showed us how to choose the right market for the next trading date (do choose wisely), how to figure out profit targets and where to put "disaster" stops. He even showed us what he personally trades most frequently (several examples of his RECENT real trades). Were those trades perfect? No, they weren't. Did he make good money on these trades? You bet he did! That's another thing I liked about what he teaches: don't be greedy, but do make money: trading IS business. Do get paid to trade. Thank you, Joe! I don't know anyone else who openly shows how he/she's making money in the markets right now. Thank you for that!!" -- Julia B., Canada

"Joe as usual gave an excellent seminar. He lets you know about changing market conditions and how to trade them." -- Mike C., USA



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More Seminar Testimonials:

“Joe’s approach and observations of the way the markets work was refreshing and straightforward. I was amazed how quickly I was able to adapt to Joe’s approach and how easily I could understand what Joe was teaching. The setups and the instructions on how to handle trades has taken much of the stress out of my trading.”
- Terry B., Australia --

“Joe is an absolutely pro. He is able to present the material in a clear and deliberate manner. His maturity in training is obvious in the way he is able to identify the roadblocks to successful training. He is able to explain clearly how the real market works and what individual traders need to do in order to be successful in this business. The webinar was excellent!”
- Charles R., China

“Joe's concept of trading what you see and not what you think is achieved within this seminar - now I can clearly see where the chart will go without using indicators.”
- John K., Indonesia --

“The Trading Seminar with Joe Ross was just fantastic! A few months ago I took the Private Tutoring with Joe, so the Trading Seminar was my repeat. The Private Coaching was a breakthrough experience for me and repeating the Trading Seminar was to establish this breakthrough experience. It’s like in TLOC: A 1-2-3 defines a trend and the following Ross Hook establishes it. The Private Coaching defined the breakthrough experience and the repeat established it. Thank you very much to Joe Ross and Trading Educators.”
- Peter K., Germany --

“Joe is really a great teacher and even this was an online seminar, it was so intense that I felt like in a real teaching room.”
- G. M. --

"The seminar was great I learned a lot, again. Joe was honest and witty on how he explained everything. He answered our questions and it was a real joy to learn so much from Joe. He's the best."
-- Michael Coe, USA --

“I want to express my admiration for Joe as a person. From some of his talks in the chat and in seminars I knew his life was not easy and he had to overcome many difficult situations during his life. I admire his life approach and personal attitude and I admire him as a teacher who shares his wisdom with other people even though he is not forced to do that. I admire and appreciate Joe answers all the same questions many times with the same patience. Thank God Joe is here and thank God I had the chance to meet him. I know Joe's methods and trading attitude for many years and everything he teaches perfectly fits my own personality. There was no convincing necessary to attend the seminar as I want to know everything Joe teaches and shares with the students.”
-- Richard S., Czech Republic --

“I've repeated the seminar and every time I learn more and I feel more confident in my trading techniques.”
-- A. S.

“I learned new setups to help my overall trading performance.”
-- Peter G., USA --

“It was all valuable and REAL. Joe speaks from the heart and is genuinely helping many people. The whole course provides real down to earth tricks of the trade and how to survive in this business. Joe, thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge.”
-- George P., Australia --

“It always amazes me that I learn something new from attending Joe's seminar. Joe is a wealth of information. I especially liked learning the trap and go method. Thanks for another great seminar.”
-- Mark P., USA --

"In short, profitable information and profound wisdom imparted with great humor. I especially liked the five set ups and the use of the ATR to determine where to place the stop, what your objective should be, which markets to trade, etc. If I can effectively implement what Joe presented I should become a consistently profitable trader."
-- Thomas C., USA --

"This was by far the best and most informative trading seminar I have ever taken. I never understood the reasoning behind what motivates the bigger traders in the market and how we are affected until now. It also taught me to proper trade and money management which I was never exposed to in the past. Now I know why making money in the markets was so difficult but now I know I am fully equipped to approach the markets correctly. Well done. Thank you so very much Joe."
-- Joseph R., USA --

"Information learned at the seminar will be invaluable really because of two things, number one the straightforward common sense approach and the understanding I received as result of this direct explanation. I knew if I wanted to have a fundamental understanding of future trading this was the event to come to."
-- Dr. R. E. Busch III, USA --

"I liked going over the charts and figuring out the ATR for determining which market and which chart to use. That made sense for some reason, whereas I couldn't seem to get it before. I watched the Russell today and it did exactly what we saw Joe demonstrate yesterday in the seminar. I think I'm going to keep all my money and actually start taking some from the market, now."
-- Rody W., USA --

“This is by far the best seminar of any type that I have ever attended. Joe is brilliant.”
-- Lance W., USA --

“WOW! What can I say? My head is still spinning from the amount of knowledge Joe has instilled in us all in the past two days. I am incredibly happy to meet Joe and have the possibility to learn from him in person. He makes complicated issues seem very easy with his down to earth explanations. Thank you so very much, Joe!”
-- Bruce S., USA --

“The course taught me a whole new way of looking at the market.
Joe Ross is an excellent teacher.”

-- Venkat J., USA --

“What I liked most about the seminar was how simple Joe made it. He told me the truth about what it takes to become a trader. I know this will help me because now I have information that will increase my knowledge.”
-- Rubini S., Bahamas, Nassau --

“As usual, Joe’s teachings are great. He teaches without all of the indicators which tend to only confuse the issue. Just use what you see on the charts. If you can do just that you will be many dollars ahead. I know this is hard to do but trust me, it works.”
-- Richard F., USA --

“The seminar was a real eye opener. Techniques shown can be put immediately to use. No BS approach.”

-- John Gaspar, Canada --

“The seminar takes valuable info gleaned from his books, it takes this to the next level – and along the way adds critical elements of clarification. Reading his books I think I can trade. After the seminar, I know it. Joe's advice and instruction becomes intuitive and personal to our individual situations. In addition, the reasons and the logic behind each step and method become clear, understandable and doable. Joe, this seminar takes a tremendous load off a beginning or intermediate Trader. Thank you.” -
- John Gattey, USA --

"At last I'm finding the trust (in myself & methods) from the confidence of knowing that I'm on the right track. There is no magic in the magic systems out there. It's knowing the difference that makes the difference. You are the only trader I've found who uses the word "craftsman" in regard to being a trader. It's uncanny that that's the level I seek. Having grown up around & having been a master craftsman myself, I naturally brought that craftsman ethic to trading. Maybe that's why your approach & methods ring true for me. I day trade the mini S&P on a 5 minute chart. Needless to say, your 50% Rule has made my week this morning."
-- Gordie H., South Haven, MI

"A few minutes ago I closed two trades I made as you taught at the seminar. I did that, and I succeeded! It seems to me I got out of a nightmare. A nightmare that lasted for years: the charts nightmare. It's incredible how the chart speaks clearly now!" -- R. D.

"Your seminar is great. I learned as much from the experiences you related as I did from the actual training and commentaries. The course was especially helpful defining the mental, physical and business aspects of trading. Your course is as much about the business of life as it is about the business of trading. It made me realize how much work I have to do to become a complete trader. Your training is invaluable."
-- Rick S., Brea, CA

"This is the first seminar that covers all the topics about trading in a professional way. The teachings are clear, honest and really applicable." -- P. G.

"Joe, Your trading seminar was awesome. Definitely the greatest one ever! Since taking it, I am now 100% a full-time trader. This year, has been my best ever — well into a six figure trading income. How can I ever thank you enough? If any one needs a reference, I’m at their service."
-- Dene C., CA

"Joe Ross is a great trader and he is fantastic to learn from. He is telling you the truth and teaching you how to trade, no hype and no crazy promises. It takes time to learn how to trade and Joe can show you how. We learn from the best here. You've come to the right place. There are so many "gurus" out there that have a huge following but in the end teach you just bad habits, nothing else. A lot of those things out there don't work. But Joe shows you what you need to do to succeed. I read everything that Joe writes and listen to everything he says."
-- Liviu T., Perth Australia

"Thank you very much Joe Ross for everything you gave me, teaching me how to extract money from the market, managing the trades with the maximum control of the risk, getting excellent results."
-- A. G


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