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Trading Spreads and Seasonals


Discover One of the Best Kept Trading Secrets in the Markets




"In trading, you're not paid for analyzing charts.  You're not paid for calling in the order.  What you are paid for is successfully managing the position while it's on." ~ Marshall Sass


Message from Joe Ross

"In Trading Spreads and Seasonals, it is my purpose to teach you everything I can about the wonderful trading vehicles created by seasonality. I hope to go beyond anything you may have encountered in the past. This course is organized according to degree of risk rather than order of complexity. The first part of the course deals with seasonal spreads, the second part with outright seasonal trades in futures.  You will discover the trading secrets many full-time traders use on a daily basis to exploit the markets for their own financial gain, at the expense of the "little guys."  In my opinion, spreads, when traded properly, carry considerably less risk than do other forms of trading."

Spread trading is quietly kept secret. Why? Because spread trading completely eliminates stop running. Do you think the insiders want you to know that? What would they do if they didn't have your stops to run?

Spreads and seasonal trading are like "insider trading" because that's what traders in-the-know do! What I'm talking about is a different kind of "insider trading" – trading based on the knowledge, experience, and expertise of successful traders who know the inside story of how markets work, and how to get the best out of them. They've done exactly that - time and time again.

Highlights and Benefits

Avoiding the worst nightmare of all traders, and landing in a trading paradise

Did you know that you can considerably minimize the risk of a position so that you might hold it overnight? What about the luxury of being able to avoid the worst nightmare of all traders - stop loss running?

You will learn how to achieve both of these results, and more than that, how to do it using as little as one-tenth the margin required for outright futures trades. You will also learn how to trade during periods of extreme volatility, and be much less concerned with liquidity, by using spreads. You can trade spreads in markets where you dare not go in outright futures.

By learning how to trade spreads, you will feel as if you have landed in a "trading paradise" because you will not be worried at all about the direction of prices. And if you do care about the direction of prices, you will find out that spreads trend more often, more steeply, and much longer than do outright futures.

How to select and filter seasonal spread trades

Seasonal spreads are among the best possible trades for those who are willing to wait for these excellent opportunities to come along. And, they come along often. Many spread trades work 100% of the time, for periods spanning 15 years or more. You will learn that over the years, spreads have a huge advantage of a very high degree of reliability.

You will also learn how to filter seasonal spreads in order to obtain the very best results. A lot of money can be lost by blindly taking these trades based upon computer-generated dates for entry and exit. Seasonal spreads can be heavy losers in those years when they fail to work as predicted by computer-generated studies. However, you will filter your trades so that you get the ones that work 80% or more of the time.

Using technical indicators to trade spreads

Not all traders enjoy trading based only on chart patterns. That’s why Joe shows you how to use technical indicators that are able to help you see forces in the market that are unlikely to be clear without some sort of visual aid. You will learn how to use technical indicators that Joe has found useful in trading spreads, whether they are seasonal or non-seasonal in nature.

You will be able to graphically display certain market properties not otherwise easily seen. You will see how to use these indicators, how to select, and keep them simple, and how to make sure you use no more than two that represent different aspects of the market.

Why and how to trade seasonal futures

In their anxiety to get rich quickly, most traders ignore seasonality in trading futures. Few have the patience to wait for seasonal windows to benefit from an enhanced opportunity for success. Joe teaches you the advantages of seasonal trading deriving straight from the battle of the giants: the commercials and the producers.

You will learn who has power, and how these forces can affect seasonality in various commodity markets. You will see how you can benefit from producer cartels that attempt to control prices. You will see how to offset the effects of commercial domination. As a wise trader in the market, you will be aware of seasonal tendencies, and trade accordingly.

Reality trading

Trading is not a problem for most of the participants in the market. You will find out that it is not your lack of knowledge about trading that keeps you from succeeding in the markets. You will be given a realistic look at the spreads and seasonal concept of  "how to trade the trade."

You will understand why entry technique is all well and good, but it is only a small part of trading. A much more important aspect of trading is that of having a strategy, and then deploying the tactics that will fulfill the intent of that strategy.

You will learn the answer to "What do I do next?"  Once you’re in the trade, you have to know what to do next. You will be amazed about what can be discerned from careful inspection of a chart as the trade progresses. You will find out the problems you might run into during the course of a seasonal trade. Finally you will learn when and how to bend a few rules, or even throw a few out, because in real trading rules don’t always work.

Seasonal trend and seasonal spread trading have been around for many years, and are wonderful ways to trade in today’s frantic markets. The art of using these trades has recently disappeared from the public eye. Amazingly, this knowledge is just as valid in today’s markets as it has ever been, and can be quite profitable for the trader who is willing to pursue it.

Trading Spreads and Seasonals is a truly complete trading guide

Table of Contents



"Spreads and Seasonals are simple but require a skill set and knowledge to maximize profits and minimize losses. This book outlines to the point on when to enter a trade, how to manage and exit. Risk control and market assessment is there in easy to understand language throughout. You would be a foolish trader to ignore these set ups and even more foolish if you fail to apply them! Risk is one thing but this book isn't a risk to your pocket."
~ DK

"Joe defines spreads, describes their various types, points out in which markets they are most viable, and discusses their advantages and disadvantages. This book is not a theoretical, conceptual treatise, however. It takes a hands-on how-to approach in not illustrating only those spreads which succumb to his theories. He wants to educate readers for real-time trading – how to find spreads, filter them, analyze them, and place orders. He also shows how just a couple of well-known technical indicators can further filter and enhance entry and exit."
~ Jerry Toepke, Editor Moore Research Center, Inc.

"The book gives a very clear, step by step explanation of spread trading. Plenty of examples and a huge quantity of wisdom."
~ Marc d.M., Netherlands






Additional Info

  • Time: Long Term Trading
  • Market: Futures, ETFs/Stock

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