Can you imagine discovering a way to trade that promises instant income and carries a money-back guarantee that you will not suffer a loss?  If you think such a method is impossible, think again.  It is definitely achievable, and everything you need to know to attain it is available online in a special two-part online seminar followed by two months of daily guidance.  You can take the seminar anytime you want to.

2014 IIG

My name is Joe Ross, and I’ve been a trader for over 57 years. Yes, trading without loss is indeed attainable!  I have spent the last eight years perfecting a way to earn instant guaranteed income, using other people's money, which I regularly earn without loss.


One of the best ways to acquire wealth is through the use of other people’s money, and there need not be anything negative about it. For example: a young person full of energy, ideas, but no money, might convince another person to back his/her idea.


Venture Capital companies do this sort of thing all the time, and more often than not, it turns out to be a winning situation for both parties.

I believe the best business in the world is that of selling insurance. Insurance is the prime example of using other people’s money to make money. Think about it. Insurance companies use your money to make money, and you pay the money to them in advance, hoping you never have to make a claim. It’s really a clever idea. Using a large enough base, an insurance company can almost precisely figure out the amount of risk they are taking, and they know that by eliminating virtually all of the risk, they can make a profit.

When you buy health insurance, for example, do you hope that some day you will have to make a claim? Is it any different for car insurance? Do you hope that some day you will make a claim? Of course not! In fact, even with the certainty of death of a life insurance policy, there exists a certainty that you will never make a claim. If a claim is made, it will be made by your survivors.

All kidding aside, are you aware that you can use other people’s money for trading? I don’t mean gambling away your parent’s money trying to trade successfully. I don’t mean borrowing money against your assets in order to trade. What I’m writing about is that you can legitimately use other people’s money to provide those who need it with price insurance.

Let’s take a moment to look at price insurance. Let’s say you own shares of stock and you are worried about stock prices falling. Is there something you can do to avoid disaster? After all, we’ve just seen people holding oil-related stocks lose huge amounts of equity in the shares of stock they hold from those companies.

Many years ago, it became possible to protect against huge losses in the price of stocks by paying a premium for price insurance.

When a car owner buys insurance, he pays a premium. It’s called an “Insurance Premium” It protects the owner of the car from serious loss. In return for the premium paid he receives an insurance policy, in effect, a contract between the insurance company and the owner of the car. Both the car owner and the insurance company hope that a claim is never made.

It’s the same thing when the owner of shares of stock buys price insurance. He pays a premium. In return for the premium paid, he receives an option. That option is a contract between the insurer and the owner of the shares. The option contract has a name. It’s called a “put.” A put gives the owner the right to sell his shares at an agreed-upon price at an agreed-upon date. So, if share prices drop to the agreed-upon price, the owner of the shares can sell them to the insurer.

The insurer is the person who sold the insurance to the share owner. The insurer receives a premium for selling the insurance known as a “put option,” and both hope that a claim never needs to be made. Approximately 80% of the time a claim is never made, and if the insurer carefully underwrites the risk, more than 90% of the time a claim is never made.

An important part of selling insurance is receiving the premium money up front. Because the money is received as cash right at the beginning of the insurance period, the insurer has the use of other people’s money. If risk is properly underwritten, and the money is used properly, the insurer, the person who sold the put, not only gets to keep the premium, but also has the use of the money during the contract period. That money can be invested in short-term interest bearing instruments, or used to sell additional insurance. Either way, the premium is compounded and can increase the wealth of the put seller.

About eight years ago, I began to sell price insurance on shares. I had been doing so with spreads on futures for many years, and always made excellent returns. However, selling price insurance on shares produced even better returns, and I came up with ways to virtually take 99.9% of the risk out of selling price insurance.

I began showing others how to do it. There are some tricks that are not immediately noticeable. We marketed what I do by the name “Instant Income Guaranteed.”

You should be able to follow the strategy using any stockbroker. If you want a referral to one we trust and recommend, we are happy to refer you.

The strategy I use is good for three things:

  • Wealth building over time (patience)
  • Current income for those with sizable accounts
  • The highest level of safety I have ever seen

Selling uncovered options is nothing new. Doing so has been around for a long time.  Having to cover an uncovered option is nothing new. In fact, any and all of the strategies I’ve discussed above could make you wealthy, and none of them are new.

What is new is never having to cover an uncovered option. What is new is never having to own shares of stock.  What is new is that you never have to take a loss. When done correctly, you will have the best of what is new. You can accumulate wealth with option premium without losing money. You can make your living by selling options without losing money. I will guarantee that in writing, as long as you are willing to do exactly what I say.

Here’s my offer:

  • You view a special two-part online seminar.  In Part I, I discuss the strategy. It will take only an hour or so. If you have already been exposed to the Money Master strategies shown in my e-book, or if you have taken the Money Master mini seminar, you will still be shown something new.

  • In Part II, you will view a workshop in which I will walk you through various trades and the things that can happen. The workshop is also very brief, no more than a couple of hours.  The purpose of the workshop is to prepare you for the actual trading, which can begin as soon as you feel ready. During the two-month guidance period, you can take real trades, or trade on a simulator, until you feel comfortable with the technique.  The important thing is not making trades, the important thing is that you learn the technique.

  • The strategy seminar and the workshop are recorded, and are available online for you to access anytime you decide that you want to view them again.

  • Each day I will make a recording prior to the market opening to explain any new trades and to discuss any open trades. I will be available for questions via email every day, and will discuss both questions and answers in the recorded message. No matter where you live, you will have access to the recording before the market opens.

  • I will personally guide you day-by-day for 2 months from the time you begin taking the course. I will present suggested trades for your consideration. During that time I guarantee that you will not lose any money trading as long as you take only the trades I offer for your consideration, and manage them according to my instructions. You do not have to take any of the trades if you don’t want them. To be able to take every trade under consideration would require a very large account. You can still learn the technique even with a small account. During the two-month training, you will begin to understand that even with a small account you can quite quickly begin to compound your money. Everything you need to know will be revealed in the presentations and during the guidance period.

  • Trades offered for your consideration will range from $20 to $85 per share.  There is no way to know in advance how many trades will be available at each price for your consideration, but based on my own trading, it is possible to create one or more new positions every day, provided you have sufficient funds. These trades are not rare, and they regularly occur within the $20 to $85 range. Keep in mind that what is important is not how many trades are made, or if you take even a single trade. The important thing is that you learn the technique and the management during the two-month guidance period.

  • Most brokers require a margin of 20% of the cost needed to buy one hundred shares per option sold.

You will learn how to select the right stocks for uncovered option selling.
You will learn how to manage the trade.

  • You will learn how to compute returns on both margin and principal, and how to annualize your returns.

  • Most trades will last as much as six weeks.  Others will last two months or more. During the two months of day-by-day guidance, you will see why we sell the options we do, and you will realize that if handled properly, you will probably never have to buy shares on the stocks for which you have sold uncovered options. One objective of the strategy is to never have to buy the shares.

  • Many other details will be covered during the two days of seminar and workshop, and many additional details will be covered during the two-month guidance period.

  • With the strategy you will learn, you can be as active as you want and as your money holds out. You can quickly compound your money trading every day, should you so choose.

  • At the end of 2 months, if you want to continue receiving the daily guidance, the cost will be $197 per month.

  • You will be required to submit a signed and numbered non-disclosure agreement. The number will be required for your entry into the seminar and the daily guidance. Your number will be good for only 2 months. If you want to continue with the daily guidance, you will need another number that will identify you as a continuing member.

  • You must agree to send us a testimonial as to your trading results. That should be easy for the winning trader we expect you to become.

  • As you see and learn the strategy, you will begin to understand why you never have to buy shares or take a loss. Going back over my own trades for the past five-plus years, I can see that although I had to cover at times, if I had I traded the way you will learn to trade, having to cover would never have happened. If you never have to cover, you can never lose money on any stock in the world.

IMPORTANT! If you intend to participate in the program using an IRA or any controlled pension plan, there are two things you need to know:

  • You may be required to put up full margin on all transactions.  However, don't worry about that, because even with putting up full margin, the strategy makes much more money than you can get from your bank, a money-market mutual fund, or from government bonds and notes.

  • You may have to receive permission from your broker to make the transactions from an IRA account.  Some have told us they are able to trade the strategy from their IRA account.

Those who know me know I can be trusted to bring you the truth. Everyone else will find this out as we proceed.


The cost for the entire package, including the money-back guarantee, the two seminar days, and the two months of training, is $2,900. This is an introductory price. As time goes on, it will almost surely be raised. (There are no discounts due to any past purchases from us. Please don’t ask.)

The guarantee is this: If at the end of the two months of training if you have lost more money than you have made from taking the suggested trades managed the way I will show, you will receive a full refund of your seminar fee. 


"About a year ago, I traveled down to Uruguay and spent a week with Joe doing his IIG seminar. Since that time, I was able to quit my regular job and now I trade full time. I couldn't have asked for a more amazing experience and I am thankful for the kind of lifestyle I can have without a 9 to 5. " -- Paula T., U.S.A.



"Hi Joe, Instant Income Guaranteed training has been, by far, the best investment in trading I have made (and believe me there has been some earlier investments…)

I can strongly recommended this training to people who are not looking for unnecessary excitement but rather want to make money steadily by trading the way Joe teaches.

My warmest thanks to you, Joe!" -- Juha Y., Finland



"The program has allowed me to fine tune my techniques and see the strategy under a new light. For 50% of my trading, I now have a much quicker turnover and a much more frequent ringing of the cash register (what a pleasant sound… no more stress when I hear the Interactive Brokers’ sound alerting me that an order is filled: most of the time, this is premium sold or a profit locked in).

With this technique, we do have the feeling of running a business, and a quite rewarding one.

We have a plan when a trade is going against us: no more worries or stress, we know exactly what to do.

While taking “small” (related to my account size)  position sizes during the daily guidance, I have already recouped the cost of the seminar at this stage (and we still have 3 weeks to go), assuming I have no loss and I lock in 50% of the premium sold.
I can only recommend this IIG program; the daily guidance is extremely useful, and will get rid of the last “fears”, if any left. That will also show us how to adapt the strategy to the different market conditions (a sharp pullback is yet to be seen, and it is important to go through these periods also to develop “total confidence”).

That’s probably one of the best strategies on earth to make money safely, with very low stress if any at all, and having a life outside trading.

After playing around with futures options for more than 5 years, this is really a peaceful experience. Highly recommended."
-- Kind Regards, Philippe G.



"The strategy was nicely explained and demonstarted on daily guidance podcast every working day. Joe explained some other important issues (psychology, when and why to take profit, how to deal with the deal when you under fire - roll out and down). During the 2 months daily guidance I had no loss. I find it very useful."
-- Petr Oliva, CZ

I hope you will join me soon in learning the safest way to trade I have ever seen.  It starts as soon as you are ready.

To join the seminar and two months of guidance, click below to sign up: The price of $2,900 includes


  • Seminar
  • Workshop
  • Two months of daily guidance
  • Guarantee


Please note: The law prohibits us from giving personalized investment advice. Nothing in this e-mail letter is to be construed as investment advice, or solicitation for the purchase of anything other than a subscription to the service offered.



Continuing daily guidance
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Dear Trader,

If you feel the need for continuing daily guidance after you attended the seminar, workshop and received 2 months daily guidance, you are welcome to keep having access to the daily guidance. You can find the details here





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Learn from Joe from anywhere in the world - his online seminar allows you to participate even if you are in your pajamas. You can watch the seminar around the clock, at any time, at your convenience.


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by Joe Ross

The purpose of the Trader's Trick entry (TTE) is to get us into a trade prior to entry by other traders.

Let's be realistic. Trading is a business in which the more knowledgeable have the advantage over the less knowledgeable. It's a shame that most traders end up spending countless hours and dollars searching for and acquiring the wrong kind of knowledge. Unfortunately, there is a ton of misinformation out there and it is heavily promoted. What we are trying to avoid here is the damage that can be done by a false breakout.

Typically, there will be many orders bunched just beyond the point of a Ross Hook. This is also true of the number two point of a 1-2-3 formation. The insiders are very much aware of the bunching of orders at those points, and if they can make it happen, they will move prices to where they see the orders bunched together, and then a little past that point in order to liquidate as much of their own position as possible. This action by the insiders is called “stop running.”

Unless the pressure from the outsiders (us) is sufficient to carry the market to a new level, the breakout will prove to be false.

The Trader's Trick is designed to beat the insiders at their own game, or at the very least to create a level playing field on which we can trade.

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Trading Philosophy

At Trading Educators we believe in simple concepts. We don´t believe in extended periods of backtesting, because markets change over time. We believe in watching the markets, and in trading what we see. The reality of trading is in what is happening now, not what happened months and years ago.

Personal message from Joe Ross:

“Dear Friend, my approach has enabled me to trade with very low risk, often much lower than you can imagine. As you’ll see, it’s an approach that raises avoidance of loss to the highest pinnacle of decision-making. It’s an approach whose chief characteristic is avoidance of over-trading, and an almost fanatical avoidance of loss of capital. Perhaps most surprising of all, this approach, which has kept me very safe in the markets, has also been unusually profitable year in and year out.”

“Trading the Law of Charts™, accompanied by the money management techniques I use, in conjunction with the right mental attitude, has let me experience mostly the things I love (e.g., profits), and very little of the things I hate (e.g., losses). It is a safety-first style of trading that allows me to sleep comfortably at night.”

You might be wondering, “How can this be possible? How can any style of trading give me what I love about trading and eliminate what I hate about it?” Joe Ross will share with you how he employs the true principle of wealth to do just what he has said.

Here are some of the things you will learn in order to properly trade the Law of Charts™:

1. You will learn to protect your capital.

2. You will greatly simplify your trading life.

3. You will not keep all your money in your margin account.

4. You will never again have to worry about what prices are going to do, because once you understand the Joe Ross Method, you will know where prices will go.

5. You will enter trades when they have the highest probability of being correct. You will be selective in your trading, learning to take the best of the best, leaving the questionable trades behind, and profit by so doing.

6. You will learn to read a price chart in such a way as to be able to profit from the emotional drives of other traders.

7. You will trade like the wise owner of a profitable business — one who knows how to make a profit, and take it when it is available.

8. You will be able to utilize the Ross hook for daytrading, position trading, or both. The time frame you choose will be up to you.

The Law of Charts™ makes your trading life easier by helping you to understand the basis for all price movement.

Understanding and applying the concepts of The Law of Charts™ saves you time by taking you directly to the vital information you need for successful trading. You will save money by not having to plow through piles of technical information you will never need to use.

The Law of Charts™ proves that there is order in the market place. You can trade consistently in any market and any time frame. You can trade using a law that leads to more consistent profits.

This unique trading approach uses only Price and Volume Charts to identify high probability trades. It describes only four chart formations on the price charts which present trading opportunities, then specifies entry and exit targets based upon those four chart formations.

The Law of Charts™ has been developed by Joe Ross from his experience of over 50 years of trading. Joe Ross and Trading Educators, the best names in trading education.

Amazingly, The Law of Charts™ is consistent in any time frame and has remained so during all of history. Understanding The Law of Charts™ is the best foundation for a solid trading education.

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Chart Scan was created to show you The Law of Charts™ in action. Implementing the Law of Charts has helped thousands of traders to become more proficient and profitable in trading in today’s markets. The Law of Charts™ works to your benefit in all markets and in all time frames, with bar charts, candlestick charts, line charts (as used with spreads), and point and figure charts. Part and parcel with the Law of Charts™ is one implementation of the “Law”— the Traders Trick Entry™ (TTE). There are many additional implementations, which are taught through our books, seminars, and private tutoring by Joe Ross.

In each issue of Chart Scan, Joe Ross and the Team at Trading Educators provide you with helpful content of interest to traders.

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