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Can Trading Be Trained?

Please listen to the following podcast when you have a few minutes:


I found the podcast interesting because of a few facts I want to discuss in today’s blog post.

First of all, I am also a believer that trading can be trained but not necessarily everyone can trade. Trading requires a certain degree of discipline and it seems not everyone is capable of keeping the discipline required over a long period of time. Especially when things are getting tough it is often very hard to stay on the right track. When we hear the story about the Turtles, we can easily see that the trading system was easy to understand with very basic rules, but the results were different depending on the discipline of each trader.

Also, and that’s something most traders overlook especially at the beginning, the entry technique is not the important part of a trading system or method. It is mainly the management behind what makes the difference together with the right risk management. Most beginning traders I know spend hours, weeks, or even months or years looking for the “perfect” entry strategy, not understanding that is makes only a small percentage of the trading success. They would do much better by spending the time trying to figure out what trade management fits best to the chosen entry strategy instead of searching for the “holy grail” no trader has found so far.

Always keep in mind that trading is mainly a mind-game playing probabilities. Try to find a strategy that you understand and that fits to your personality and possibilities and then try to build the trade management together with the risk management around it. This will lead to much better results then searching for the best entry technique of all times.


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Tuesday, 23 July 2024

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