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Defining Wisdom in Terms of Trading and the Markets

Wisdom is said to be the right application of knowledge. Wisdom is a state of consciousness, born from the understanding and awareness of past experiences, and relates to future occurrences. Wisdom allows analysis of present conditions in order to pre-visualize what should occur in the future. Intuition, creativity, and a sense of self-directed destiny are part of wisdom. Knowledge is concerned with what happened in the past and does not always develop into wisdom. Spiritual enlightenment and a sense of connection to the "oneness" of all life is the first step required to receive wisdom. In less esoteric language, a trader must know and like himself before his awareness is developed to the degree that he may acquire wisdom. Wisdom visualizes order, structure and discipline with a clear, unbiased mind, and pre-visualizes the future as a logical extension of present conditions. Wisdom involves acceptance of the Law of the Cosmos, which states "every event is logically preceded by the causes responsible for the occurrence of the event." Wisdom involves acceptance of the Law of Charts, which itself portrays human emotional perceptions and actions in the market. Wisdom and knowledge are both connected by an individual's relationship with himself and time, which is Einstein's fourth dimension.

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Saturday, 22 June 2024

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