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E-Mini Russell 2000

Can you make money day trading the E-mini Russell 2000?

I believe you can, and it's a question we often receive. The Russell is volatile and fast, but with the proper setups you can make your money in a matter of minutes. You will have to wait to see how best to manage the trades, and that will depend upon the success of your observations. But keep in mind that when people can't get decent fills, they will drop a market in a hurry. Be careful about lot size. You can have problems with anything over 10 contracts. You will need to look at the various time frames, and then pick one that presents a chart that looks comfortable for the way you like to trade.

At Trading Educators, we have found several good setups simply by using our powers of observation. But when you view any market or time frame, what you are looking for are things like these:

  • Do I see something that happens frequently, at least as often as I want to trade?
  • When the event or setup takes place, does it offer me the range of movement I need to be profitable?
  • Where would I place my protective stop, and how often would it be hit?
  • Is the daily range sufficiently large that I can get the ticks or points I need to make money?
  • Is there sufficient volume at this time of day for me to easily be filled?
  • Do I get decent fills in this market?
  • What kinds of orders can I use to accomplish what I would like from this setup?
  • Am I able to find more than one setup in this time frame, and how well can I answer the questions already asked for each setup?

I'm sure I haven't asked all of the questions you might want to have answers for, but you need to be thinking along the lines above.

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Saturday, 22 June 2024

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