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Goal Setting

Goals, do you have any? Can you spell them out? Do you review them every day?

Here's a very easy goal-setting method to follow. Do it, and you will see a huge improvement in your bottom line.

Write down the amount of money you are going to make trading next year. "I am making $___ by December 31, 20_." Present tense required, not future tense! Look at that amount every day and affix it on your wall and in your mind. Divide that amount by 52. How much money are you making on a weekly basis? How much on a daily basis? If you cannot decide a figure, set a goal for profits to be 50% greater profits than the previous year.

What? You didn't make any profits last year? Then set a goal equal to or double the amount you lost last year.

You didn't trade at all last year? Then set a goal for the amount of money you truly believe you can make this year.

Be serious about doing this, but have fun as well.

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Saturday, 22 June 2024

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