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Sometimes others get to play and you don’t. Today, Friday 04/01 was such a day!

I wrote an article with the headline "Sometimes others get to play and you don't" some time ago and today (Friday 04/01) was such a day. And I tell you, it is difficult to watch markets are going my way knowing I could have made my shares for April but I missed the trade. Well, I haven't missed the trade actually because it wasn't my train. Here comes what happened.

At 7:30 AM CT this morning we had a nice set up in the markets I was watching: Silver and Gold to the down-side. Below the Silver chart at 7:30 AM CT.

As you can see, a wonderful hook with a possible Traders Trick to go short. Enough room between the entry and the hook, perfect pattern,... just looking good to me. Unfortunately, we had 3 important reports coming out this morning exactly at 7:30 AM CT and I am not trading around reports. Too bad, market went down and is still moving lower as you can see below.

Now at 8:30 AM CT the market has dropped too far already and I am sitting on my hands!

Yes it is true. Sometimes others get to play and you don't. :-)

Have all a great weekend!



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Saturday, 13 April 2024

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