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Spread-Trading vs. Day-Trading

Even if I do not want to generalize the following for each trader, there are some "general problems" in day trading. Here is a short list of why I personally think day trading is much more difficult than position or spread trading.

- Fast decisions: You have to make very fast decisions when you day trade, especially when you day trade very short time frames like 5-, 3-, or 1-minute charts. When you position trade you have much more time to think about the next step. Day traders too often don't have a precise trading plan and trade on "gut feeling".

- Trading for revenge: Very often you just want to "make back" your losses. This happens both in day and in position trading, but in position trading you have more time to calm down. Day traders very often take trades only for revenge, and lose even more.

- Picking only the best trades: It is very difficult to sit in front of a screen following the markets all day long, and not to trade before the market is ready. It is not very difficult to make a few ticks in the markets by scalping. Picking up a few hundred dollars with a ten contract lot is not a big deal, BUT it is very difficult to wait for the right moment!



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Monday, 27 May 2024

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