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Swing Trading vs Day Trading

Swing Traders tend to spend longer monitoring markets and considering trading opportunities than day traders. Swing traders utilize chart, fundamental, and technical analysis in their considerations. Since swing trading does not require hours of daily monitoring, it's a good strategy for traders who wish to explore trading without treating it as a full-time job.

Of course, intraday charts also involve price swings, so it is wrong to characterize all swing trading as taking place on longer term charts. I know many day traders who trade intraday swings. The main difference is that day trading can really occupy your entire day if you let it.

However, I don't believe that day trading has to be a full-time job. I learned that the less I trade intraday, the more money I made. I discovered that if I had the discipline to take only one trade per day, I could make plenty of money limiting my trading day to no more than 90 minutes and most of the time I had made my money within the first 30 minutes of trading. How did I do that?

I became an expert in trading around the open – the time of day when most of the big traders are in the market. I learned to follow their moves to make my money within a few minutes most of the time. Two of the best ways I learned to trade are both very high percentage winning setups. One of those setups is called the Traders Trick, and the other is the Reversal Bar. I describe those fully, and show how to trade them, along with a whole lot of trading information in my online recorded webinar, "Trading All Markets."

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Thursday, 30 November 2023

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