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Trading as Partners?

Trading is a stressful business. When you are in a trade, your money is at risk, and you repeatedly face the possibility of losing substantial amounts of trading capital. If you are a novice trader, the stress is even greater, since you have not yet learned to trade consistently, and losing significant amounts of trading capital is the norm, not the exception. Managing stress is a key to trading success, and maintaining a social support network may be an important way of managing this stress. Therefore, sharing an office with other traders could prove to be beneficial as long as you do not let their way of trading mess up your own way of trading. Ultimately in my opinion, trading is an individual occupation. Successful traders make what they learn to be their own. You have to wrap your personality around your trading.

I have never personally known of a trading partnership that was successful. I have known of one where research was done by one or more traders, but the actual trading was done by one and only one trader. That trader had the final say about every trade taken. Split decisions are a no-no in trading. That being said, we can recognize that an interpersonal relationship can be worthwhile when it results in emotional support for you. 



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Monday, 22 April 2024

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