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Welcome the Idea of Breaking Even

No one enters a trade with the idea of breaking even as a goal. Rather, we set out with high hopes, excitement, and expectancy – the promise of big dreams. But then something odd happens with our trade – we break even. Our reaction is a feeling of annoyance, of let-down.

Breaking even happens. It is one of the possible outcomes of a trade. We must not see it as an unwelcome event. Distaste for breaking even can put us under pressure and induce over-trading or other wrongful activities. We have to become comfortable sitting quietly and patiently at the break even mark.

Breaking even happens very often to the best of traders - if they were not the best of traders these trades would often have resulted in a loss. Only if we accept the idea of breaking even are we able to focus on new trades without putting ourselves under additional pressure. 



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Saturday, 22 June 2024

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