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No Stops

Would you agree that the most annoying event in trading is the running of your protective stop? Did you know there is a way to prevent this from ever happening?

Do you find that you miss a lot of really good trading opportunities because you simply do not have sufficient margin to allow you to take advantage of these opportunities? What if I could show you a way to be able to leverage your margin so that you could trade up to five times the size you are currently trading? What I mean is that if you would normally have traded one contract, you would now trade as many as five contracts of the same futures contract!

Sometimes a futures market becomes inverted and the front month is trading at prices higher than the back months. Do you know how to profitably trade that kind of situation? Would you like to know?

Another enemy of a futures trader is that of illiquid markets, you know what I mean, the thin markets the ones you don't dare trade. What if I could show you a way to trade those illiquid markets with very low risk? Would that help you in your trading?

To gain all of the advantages and more that I've mentioned above, you need to learn how to trade spreads. Spreads eliminate all stop running. They require as little as 1/5th normal margins. They are one of the best ways to trade inverted markets. Spreads protect you when trading in illiquid markets. But there are many additional advantages to trading spreads and you really need to know about them.

Spreads are the best way to trade seasonality in markets, and that includes stock indexes, financial instruments – like notes, bonds, and currencies. Did you know that such markets trade seasonally, just as much as grains, energies, and foodstuffs?

Spreads can be traded on the basis of very high correlation to past market conditions. Yet very few traders have any idea of what spreads are or how to trade them.

I highly recommend Private Mentoring with Professional Trader Andy Jordan. He has mentored under me for over 20 years and successfully administered a daily advisory newsletter which revealed winning spread trades, tracked every trade from beginning to completion, and showed step-by-step exactly how to manage that trade. Being the best in the industry, you will learn from Andy how to find trades in the outright futures and in options on futures to go right along with the spread trades. Click here to sign up with Professional Trader Andy Jordan.

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Saturday, 22 June 2024

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