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It seems as though everyone believes in trading education except those who really need it. For years, knowledgeable brokers have advocated it.  Trading coaches recommend it. And great traders are also believers.

Why then do wannabe and aspiring traders not believe in trading education? Why are beginners so reluctant to shell out a few bucks to get the education they need in order to be successful? Perhaps it’s because they have already spent a fortune on education that never really prepared them for what they ended up doing after graduation.

It’s true that when a person graduates from a university, they first have to go through training in the real world before they are worth the money they are being paid for the work they perform.  It takes experience.  Professionals in just about any field will admit that it takes at least three years after graduation before they actually know what they are doing.

Traders lose thousands of their hard-earned money trying to trade without the proper trading education.  Very often these are the same people who spent four or more years earning university degrees, degrees which hardly prepared them for their own field, let alone the business of trading.

Trading education is essential to the success and profitability of a career in trading the markets. You don’t just jump in and begin making money unless you are unlucky. One of the worst things that can happen to an aspiring trader is to hit it lucky on their first few trades. When it happens, they think, “Gee this is really easy. Why didn’t I know about this before?”  But their good fortune soon runs out and they discover that without real education and training they are lost in a bewildering sea of confusion.

As with any other profession, there are tips and tricks to trading that can be acquired only by education and experience. At the very least trading education should place a trader on the right path to success.  If the education is carried a bit further and the aspiring trader is  mentored, and learns from the experience of a professional trader willing to share what he knows—willing to share information about the trips and traps of trading that can never be learned without experience, thousands of hours and bundles of money can be saved.

Professional mentors have been through the rough spots and the hard times. They know what it’s like to feel defeat as well as exhilarating success. Only a small amount of what they know can be put in books, the rest has to be learned in the battle of the markets.

There are few traders who can also write, teach, and communicate what they know. If you are reading this allow me to introduce you to three of the best traders I know. Andy Jordan, Marco Mayer, and Philippe Gautier.

Together with myself we have over a century of trading experience.  We all still actively trade. However, we also have a reputation for being among the best trading mentors in the business.  We love to teach others how it is done. Take a step forward and join us. If you want the best in trading education I encourage you to follow this link.



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Monday, 22 April 2024

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